Can you make a claim against your timeshare resort?

2020 was not a great year for most of us, but it was particularly unfair to the millions of timeshare owners who were still forced to pay timeshare maintenance fees. We are still unclear about the new rules for travelling this summer so it seems 2021 may be much of the same and timeshare owners face another year of paying expensive fees for something they cannot use and may not be able to afford any longer.

More than 600,000 people in the UK own timeshares and many of these are unwanted and not used. That is an incredible amount of money wasted annually and when people are under more financial strain than ever before, it is money we simply cannot afford to part with.

The last year may have left many owners questioning their timeshare purchase but it has also highlighted the unethical practices of some major timeshare resorts who have continued to charge maintenance fees. In fact, in some cases resorts have used the pandemic as a marketing opportunity to switch owners to new style points programs. It was reported last year that many owners had approached their resort looking for relief from the annual maintenance fees bill, but instead the resort tried to sell them more membership points and refused to help. Some of the resorts have offered to carry points over to this year so people can use them, but this is still unclear as to how it will work when an influx of members want to book holidays.

Maintenance fees, although cited as the number one reason for people wanting to exit their contracts, are far from the only problem with the timeshare industry. It is widely known that there are more unhappy timeshare owners than satisfied ones, despite what resorts will tell you. The reason for this is that timeshares rarely live up to the hype and owners are left disappointed with what is on offer. The problem is that timeshare owners are sold a dream, luxury holidays at fantastic locations for a great price guaranteed each year. Very appealing on the face of it. But what a timeshare salesperson will fail to tell you are all the little details that mount up to millions of unhappy owners.

We hear from owners daily who are fed up with their timeshares and simply want out. There is usually a string of reasons for this but the most common complaint we hear is that they were lied to when they purchased it. People are promised the world at timeshare presentations and sold a dream, in fact a timeshare salesperson will say virtually anything to make a sale. The reality is that timeshares are expensive, you are stuck in lengthy contracts that are hard to get out of, the resorts can often not live up to expectations and maintenance fees become a financial burden. However, all is not lost, if you still own a timeshare, you are not as stuck as the resort will have you believe. You may be able to make a claim against them if it was mis-sold to you and if you have ever attended a timeshare presentation, the chances it was mis-sold are very high. So, you have nothing to lose, get in touch with us today to discuss your case. We are experts in all thing’s timeshare related and have helped people claim back thousands of pounds in compensation for mis-sold timeshare contracts. Simply give us a call for some free impartial advice and remember we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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